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Countries Include:  1. Argentina 2. Bolivia 3. Brazil 4. Colombia 5. Costa Rica 6. Cuba 7. Chile 8. Ecuador 9. El Salvador 10. Guatemala 11. Honduras 12. Mexico 13. Nicaragua 14. Panama 15. Paraguay 16. Peru 17. Dominican Republic  18. Uruguay 19. Venezuela

49th FELABAN Annual Assembly
November 14-17, 2015  |  Miami, FL
InterContinental Hotel - Downtown Miami

For nearly five decades, the FELABAN Annual Assembly has proven to be a time-efficient way for banking leaders to meet and network with peers worldwide.Recognized as Latin America's largest and most prestigious international networking forums for senior banking professionals, The FELABAN Annual Assembly attracts more than 1,800 bankers from 51 countries around the globe.


Throughout the four-day event, banking professionals will hear presentations and panel discussions on the global economic outlook and key issues impacting Latin America. Financial institutions are the backbone of economic growth, and FELABAN helps strengthen the role of banking in our region by providing an annual platform for the exchange of ideas, concerns and best practice solutions.


Watch the videos below for a a glimpse of what you will experience when you attend the 2015 FELABAN Annual Assembly in Miami!